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         Welcome to My Web Page.

         Thank you so much for visiting!

This web pag
e is written to introduce you to certain wonderful, challenging,  and important realities.  I refer to meeting the Lord Jesus face to face, knowing God, seeing God, hearing God, receiving the Holy Spirit, being healed and delivered of evil spirits, entering the dark nights, encountering the living power of Scripture as God's Word written, being lifted into heaven by the liturgy, entering the Kingdom and learning how the Kingdom encompasses all of life.  All these matters, and many more, are addressed here.  They are rendered as narrative in my novel, Face to Face, and they are discussed theologically in the essays.  Therefore, I gladly invite the reader to read and study these web pages.


How does one "do" theology?  Of course, theology must be lived.  At the intellectual level, however, one could say that theology is done by discerning the fundamental components of a theological perspective and comparing these constituent aspects and their wholes against each other in light of the great biblical and theological tradition.  God not only calls us to love him with all our heart and soul, but also with all our minds.  This means effort, sustained effort. Christian truth is freely revealed by God's mercy and grace, but it requires everything within us to receive his revelation.  Therefore, let me ask my readers to pray and ponder the things that are written here.

Further, the Christian faith has been undermined, both from the left and the right.  From the left, there is liberalism, a form of false teaching that has been around since Schleiermacher. This liberal heresy must be fought at every turn without quarter, for in the end, it betrays Jesus Christ as Lord.  The errors on the right are serious as well:  a narrow way of interpreting Scripture, a confusion between the Kingdom of God and the United States, and a lack of attention to how the Christian faith has been lived in the past.  These matters are important, and therefore, I feel compelled to write. 

Furthermore, the Christian faith needs to be presented in all its fullness, and therefore, I write from what could be called a "three streams perspective."  A three streams perspective is evangelical in its emphasis on the proclamation of the gospel, catholic in its affirmation of the ancient traditions and creeds of the church, and charismatic in its recognition of the gifts and fruits of the Spirit.  This perspective is badly needed in the church today and is presented on this website. 

I also write for another website,The Global Anglican Theological Institute.  Let me encourage you to read the lessons and essays posted there.  They are also written from a three streams perspective.  They comprise three levels:  First, there are Christian Basics which will introduce persons to the basics of the Christian life.  Second, there are lessons and writings for those who want to be disciples of Jesus.  I have been following Jesus for over forty years and this is the best of what I have learned.  Finally, there are theological writings, some of which can also be found on this website as well.

The Vision of God Almighty

Finally, there are things I love, and above all, I have been captured by the vision of God. This great vision, the Marriage Feast of the Lamb, the coming of the New Jerusalem, was the goal of Western civilization from Augustine until the eighteenth century. After that, our society began increasingly to pursue lesser ends. This has been a terrible loss to our culture, and the loss haunts us on all sides. Many years ago I came to sense this, and since it is best received  when rendered, I wrote a novel to convey this reality in relationship to the other fundamental realities we all encounter. That novel is also included on this web site.

Redistribution of Content

Finally, if you would like to quote, print, or post all or portions of my essays, feel free to do so. If you do so, please reference my name, this site, and the relevant portion as is customary.  Also, none of the material on this site may be sold in any way or form without my permission. 

Thank you for your consideration. Please email me if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions.

May God Bless You Always,

The Rev. Robert J. Sanders, Ph.D.


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